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Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, all strange creatures from the far beyond. I present to you the Kompass Krusaders. A variety of people varying from the Traumatic Thesps to the dazzling dancers and the strange people that wonder around with cameras occasionally.

Hillingdon Youth Arts- better known as HYART provide amateur groups to cater for all aspects of the arts. Front of House and Backstage.

To get in contact with HYART, Please call Louie Jenkins, Lynne Dossiere or Omar on:

***Kompass Krews***

We provide a variety of activites at the compass all divided into a few great groups:

360yt- The oldest (wisest) Drama group in the Hyart range. Students range from 15-19. (Monday Evenings)

MYNT- The second to oldest group. Students range from 12-15 (Thursday Evenings)

MYNTOO- The very young group, the ickle darlings!!!

HYNRG- Our talented dance group. Monday Evenings

VIDEOWORX- The crazy people who go around with the cameras- Wednesday Evenings and Saturday Mornings.


New photonesssss!!! Click on link for new Midsummer fotos!!


Right I have successfully stolen many a photo and even put a few of my own up. Midsumers, louies india pics, dans birthday and random pics, thorpe park, and last show. Im getting skool disco on sunday so ill put them up then mwah

A show satisfy all!

"We shall be doing the sea, which is a tragically estatically humorous tale! And Tartuffe, which a rhyming extravaganza, and from what i hear is a an equally fantastic play."

Well thats the shows over for another year, and i think every1 has a small tear coming down their face, as we all had good times, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and as always we pulled it off. I really enjoyed Tartuffe, i would of been laughing more but everytime i did laugh id get a fit of coughs(which i then infected people with by the time we all got scarbough..sorry), but it was fantastic. And being in the sea was soooo much fun, and we shall hold Dans best(volume one)close to our hearts. So well done to everybody involved and a big thankyou to Louie and Simon as you are both fantastic and we all love you. Next year, its the last show for the majority of us, so i shall wait in anticipation to see what louie has in store for us all.

July 2nd and 3rd: we hosted the murder mystery. It went extremely well, as always we pulled it off with perfection, if not better, so much effort, where it be the feud of the cakes between Lau and Fran, to stealing antiques chairs. So much commitment and brilliance, horrah! This Friday, stay awake, yey!

We went to India and Pakistan. WOOOAAH. That rocked big styly. I will make a special page for it and photos and stuff, so everyone put their photos up and shit. Auditions for Midsummers was a few Wednesday, and read through was last wednesday. Always a laugh, i mean you've gotta love the stage directions, great cast, as always Louie and Simon done well casting, with a few suprises (ehem me!). I love rehersals, so much fun, I'm looking forward to it, and I know Dan has he prescious iPOD now (and i equally enjoy) I hope that maybe there might be a Dan's Best Volume 3, and i want a copy of all the collections, Though I'll probably have to bring my speakers back stage to plug into Dan's ipod..sigh!

Midsummer Rehearsals they are going very indeed. The show is on the 9TH - 12TH of March. aHHHH not many rehersals left. First weekend rehersals which obviously rocked, namely the making of a horror film by me fran and dan, and listening 2 pokemon and me and me n fran singing in the green room.

Well thats it. Its all over. But boy did it rock ass, had the most fun that i ave ever had doin a show, and i never got bored of being bottom. Thanks 2 louie and simon and the whole cast for such a fantastic show. Now all thats left is the June show....and of course the possibility of goin 2 Dublin!!!woooooooooooooooop!!!

Well tonight it was the Young Achievers Awards and India crew were all there whooop! It was a great evening packed with thrills and spills.We were intially crapping ourselves as we were meant to give a speech, and had nothin prepared, but the skills that we hhd aquired as actors came in handy as we just..spoke from the heart..sob!We mingled with Hillingdon highers and flyers..including the mayor himself!!! And lets not forget the Buffet and the many awkward convos with the strange ppl we did not know, just wish Louie (n simon  n bobby n jim) could have been there, would have made the reunion complete!!

Boy oh boy was Thorpe Park a hooot and a half. From the coach ride there with the many a sing song to the general fun we had inside and then the sing songs on the way home. Defiant good times! Then there was the finale of our compass shinagans...well onstage at least. Me and clarclar performed are little car piece "take your jacket off" "Im not wearing one" "All the better". We got our laughs so we were happy. Fran played her role as the weird person who gets into random peoples cars. And the infamous finale of Tom and Pauls 'Let it be', where 2 their suprise we all ran on stage screaming. Then afterwards it was down to the titch, where we had a few celebratory drinks, a few sexy poses, and a few biting finger moments. For pics go to the picture section

Then after some school uniform shopping, and alot of printing, cutting and pasting it was time for Lou Lous leaving party. It was a wkard night of dancing and dancing and dancing. But it was also very very very very very very very sad. We love Louie, we love the compass, we love the studio and we all miss it, but never forget all the good times, hard times...but good times. Long live the Kompass krusaders xxxxx

We go on lots of fun trips!!!

Yes, we do indeed go on lots and lots of trips!!!!!!We go to the theartre quite a bit, and we get lovely reduced tickets...drool! The most recent show, was the ..ahem..superb cyberjam, a million laughs a minute with the most incrediably over talented, over enthusiatic bunch of musicians/entertaining drum maniacs/dancers with sticks. Well, it may of not been the best show in the world, but it did provide us with a few chuckles, and thats what i fear is most important!!

And the most exciting of all the trips, is the possibilty of 360 also to go to India. Originally we were going to South Africa, then Argentina, but the Alaska, and then back to Argentina. But after a worthy wait, the possibilty of going to India looks like a definate one...HORRAH!

Well weve conquered Scarbourgh, great times for everyone who came, it really was the best experience eva...until next year, where people who did not come musst come!!!!

India..wooooop!!!!Finally got there and it mofoing rocked ass big style! Totally the time of our lives, most fun ever, and such an amazing experience. Im making a special India page, for fotos and memories and stuff its still under construction but there are loads of photos up there


http://indiakrusade.bravehost.com/ - to look at India memories, along the top of the page you should see some options and just click on what you want



360 Kompass Krusaders

I've decided to update the photo, as the other one was a little outdated. Ok from left to right we have: Fran, Holly, Lauren, Dan, Lau, Louie, Helen, Iona and Simon, the whole India crew at the border of Pakistan leaving India. And it was a well nice day!!!

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